Online slots that have the lowest payout percentages

Myths abound within the online slot playing fraternity,we’ll try and bust some myths here and

also talk about the slots that tend to have the lower end ratio of payouts to players.

It is worth bearing in mind that the internet is basically a hotbed of gossip open to all  who use

it, and can therefore be potentially dangerous to those who choose to open their ears to some

of the ‘nonsensical ideas’ that are put forth by people for whatever reason.

The hardcore top providers within the online slot gaming operation DO NOT  alter their payout

percentages. They are positively set in stone and can and will not be amended once their games

have ‘gone live’.  It is of the upmost importance that players remain with the companies that

use the renowned top gaming platforms.

The approach that the slot game designers tend to take is that across the board some of the

percentages of some of the games tend to be low whilst others will offer higher percentage

chances. The concept of this is that they are spread relatively evenly (higher and lower

percentages) to make the business a valid concern.

It is of course prudent to at all times pay good attention to the various slot machine payout

charts.  Always endeavour to play a good variety of slots. This will keep your mind ‘switched on’

and sharp. Bankroll management is of the essence. There is no doubt whatsoever that playing

above your financial capabilities is a complete mugs game. Always try and play online slots

when you are feeling freash,sharp but relaxed.

It is pretty much a ‘given’ that playing online slots with a RTP percentage of the mid nineties or

lower is basically not advantageous. There are several that may be wise to avoid that fall into

the above mentioned category.

Firstly we’ll talk about the Spider Man slot. It brags a 25 payline but on rather closer inspection

the payout percentage is pretty low at around ninety four percent. There are certainly

superior betting chances out there – one of these being Secrets of the Phoenix.

Next we’ll look at the Transformers slot. Now this may appeal on the suface to the player who

favours the high action game with all the visual thrills and spills,  but on closer examination it

reveals that the payout percentage to be a lowly ninety two and a half percent. One to avoid most


The Triple fortune Dragon slot whilst touting their multi play system which again on the surface

appears to make the game appealing actually only provides an RTP of just ninety three percent.

Another game to probably steer clear of.

The Pixies of the forest slot being a fairly new game brings very little to the table in terms of

RTP payouts with a percentage range of between ninety three and ninety five percent. So

possibly another slot to be left on the sidelines.

Again, so much comes back to payout schedules. These are all you really need to pay attention

to in order to know whether a particular online slot is the right one for you.

Spiderman Casino Slot

Overview of Spiderman: Attack Of Green Goblin Slot Machine:

Reels: 5
Lines: 25
Progressive Jackpot: Yes
Bet per Line From 0.01 to 5
Max Bet 125
Max Payout х10 000
Scatter Symbol Yes
Wild Symbol Yes
Double (Gamble) Game No
Free Spins Yes
Auto Play Yes

Software                           Playtech


Playtech has presented the casino world with several Marvel themed slot machines that surely grabs the attention of the slot gamers. Recent Playtech games from the Marvel Franchise have created a huge roar among the slot gamers with its incredibly animated graphics and cool sound effects. Most of us adore playing slot games based on superheroes and especially Marvel characters drives us crazy. If you are a fancier of the Marvel superheroes and adore playing slot games based on the Marvel Franchise, Playtech has a completely new slot machine game for you. It’s the Spiderman: Attack of Green Goblin slot machine game. Spiderman slot machine game right away follows the glorious path of a  couple of other Marvel themed slot machine games such as the Wolverine and the Iron Man 2, which already have a huge craze among the slot gamers.

The Spiderman: Attack of Green Goblin slot machine game is based on the epic marvel comic Spiderman and his arch-opponent the Green Goblin. This slot machine game is based on a night background of the city with cool animated Spiderman and Green Goblin that appears on the screen randomly. Spiderman slot machine game boasts of cutting-edge dynamic graphics and a fabulous sound effect to drive you off crazy. Spiderman slot machine is a 5 reel video slot machine, having 25 pay lines and offering the maximum jackpot pay amount of 10,000 coins.

The bonus and free spin rounds of the Spiderman slot machine game is quite thrilling and once could surely amass quite decent wins playing the game. Free spins, multipliers and payouts are quite regular and you do not have to wait long for procuring a decent winning stake. All the symbols of the game makes payout for winning sequence from left to the right reels in a consecutive order, excluding the Scatters or Bonus symbols that could make payouts for any winning sequence. Spiderman slot machine game is an action-loaded slot game and might just be your favorite pick, if you fancy playing thrilling and action packed slot machine games.

Coin sizes:

Coin sizes in the Spiderman slot machine game are of multiple denominations, which range from the least size of $0.01 up to the maximum coin value of $5 for every line wager. A player could place a minimum of 1 wager and the maximum limit of 10 wagers for every single enabled pay line. The maximum wager amount for every wheel spin is $125. Players could select the preferred coin sizes by clicking on the option + or – symbol displayed under Line Bet. Also, by clicking on Bet Max, one can enabled all 25 pay lines at once and place the maximum wagers on each of the enabled pay lines.

Wild Symbols:

The wild symbol in the Spiderman:  Attack Of Green Goblin is the Spider Web symbol. The Spider cobweb symbol may show up on any of the reels and could replace for every other symbols in the game to make winning combos for the players. However, the spider web wild cannot replace the Bonus symbols to trigger on the bonus rounds. Furthermore, another fascinating feature of this game is the Spiderman Wild feature, where Spiderman suddenly shows up on the screen after you spin the wheels and throws web targeting the reels. Should the Spiderman web hits any of the five reels, then those reels turns into wild, procuring you more potential chances of winning. If the web happens to convert a couple or more reels into wilds, then the player is eligible to enter the Bonus game.

Spiderman Collect Round:

In this bonus game round, you are presented with a series of comic books arranged on a shelf that could offer you several distinct feature games. All you need to do is click on any of the comic books and you could enlist your entry to several other rounds such as Hot Zone Games, Rivaling Free game round, City of Chase, Ultimate Fight and many more.

Rivaling Free Games:

In this round, you get 10 free spins to procure bigger wins. If the Spider symbol appears on the 3rd reel, your free spin countdown is paused and you get unlimited numbers of free spins. Furthermore, if the spider symbol shows up again whilst the unlimited numbers of free spinning, then your multipliers are increased. One could easily get multiplier values of x4 whilst the spins. However, if the pumpkin symbol shows up on the 3rd reel, then the paused countdown of the free spins starts to finish off the remaining free spins.

City Chase Feature:

In this round, Spiderman is in pursuit of the Green Goblin throughout the New York City. At various locations, you could encounter with distinct cash prizes and toggling between each location, you may even find the chance to unveil distinct symbols that can help you more in amassing huge wins.

Bet365 and Ladbrokes Review and Promo Code

From the comical adverts with movie personality Ray Winstone to the brilliant in-play betting offers, Bet365 has made itself noticed by all in the online sports betting world in the last few years. An extremely generous and open website that loves to offer great value all round, Bet365 is the place to be if you want the best odds and the highest possible quantity of different bets that you can put on.

No matter what you are considering, if it could happen in an event there is a good chance that Bet365 will have odds on it for you. This is the type of thing that Bet365 pride themselves upon – they are one of the most varied bookmakers out there, and offer markets others wouldn’t even dream of. With such a large variety of markets available to you, it’s very easy to get involved and start making the decisions that you need to get the full effect from your betting experience.  If you would like to take advantage of a ladbrokes promo code then check out this site.  You will also find bonuses for other bookies like Bet365 and Stan james.

There’s no point in limiting yourself to just one bookmaker. With so many free bets and deposit bonuses out there, you are missing out – and Bet365 offer a solid deposit bonus when you sign up, which can really boost your coffers and keep you gaming for a lot longer than you thought you might have been for a first deposit. It’s these types of offers – and all the subsequent offers you will receive via e-mail – that makes Bet365 so useful to have as a bookmaker that you use.

They provide value and they give quality odds. While the site could do with a mild revamp, in terms of functionality it works just fine and lets you get access to all of the different features that they provide including the casino and poker sections. These are incredibly important as it can prolong your team spent on Bet365 by a huge margin if you enjoy traditional slots games and other similar styles of gaming.

While Bet365 are extremely vigilant – to the point of investigating just about anybody who starts to win big and win regularly – they also make the website as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be. There are constantly new promotions on the go to keep you coming back for more, so if you like what you see from Bet365 and what you have read you should check it out for yourself – even if just for the great odds and the brilliant deposit bonuses!

Girls with Guns 2 slot

5 reels with 243 play lines

Some words about the game:

This is the latest edition of “Girls with Guns”. The bonus features have been improved in this version so players have maximum chance of winning and gaining more wins. Players can win a jackpot of up to 9000 coins while the maximum bet is of 450 coins. There are additionally some decent enlivened sequences on the off chance that you get a five of a kind or an enormous win. This stuff is a tad more intriguing than the regular falling coin thing.

How to play:

Choose the number of credits by clicking on the option given on the lower left hand of screen. To Choose the amount to bet on go to the “bet” option and enter the desired amount. There are 5 reels on which the bet is played. Spinning the reels starts the slot. You can either go for auto play where reels start and stop spinning on its own by adjusting the number of spins according to the desired amount. If auto play is not selected, reel will have to be spun using the control button which is labeled as “spin”. Clicking on the spin button spins the reels and the symbols keep scrolling in every reel. There are a total of twelve symbols on the five reels. During this time the start button turns to stop. Spinning can be stopped by clicking the stop button anytime or wait until the reels stop automatically. When there are three or more symbols on consecutive reels points are added to winning amount. If it is a win the symbols are removed with wolf claws appearing on the screen to cover those symbols. There is one more chance after the removal of these symbols, if any more three consecutive symbols appear it is also considered a win.

There are more exciting qualities added.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol has Girls with Guns II logo. The wild symbol can appear on any of the reel and can act as replacement for any symbol except, Satellite scatters, to increase chances of winning.

Special Wild

The special wild symbol appears only in the base game. It appears on the third reel and covers all the symbols on the reel acting as a substitute for any symbol except scatters.

Random shootout bonus feature

The random shootout bonus can appear at any time after a spin when one hasn’t won. A girl appears on screen to identify any three symbols as targets. The player chooses a target and if the girl is able to shoot the target the player wins a prize.

Scatter symbol

The scatter symbol is the satellite. If three or more appear in a spin it activates free spins. Three scatters also activate either frozen wild or magnetic wilds. The player however, doesn’t decide which one to opt. it is randomly triggered.

Free spins

If there are three or more scatters twelve free spins are activated. Free spins cannot be replayed. One of the two features is assigned at random.

Frozen wilds

Any wild symbol will be held at its place i.e. “frozen” for three spins before it disappears “melts away”. If frozen wilds form a full wild reel it stays there for all the coming free spins. Get three or more Satellite symbols scattered anyplace on the screen to start 12 free spins with Frozen Wilds or Magnetic Wilds.

Magnetic wilds

The magnetic wild appears on reel five. They are moved away towards the left to any vacant position during the free spin. Each magnetic wild remains there for the whole feature.


Georgie Porgie Slot

Online slot game sites are quite popular these days. Before slot games went viral online, there used to be manual machines which one could use in casinos. But that was in the past. Back then machines used to have moving parts such as the reel, gears, levers and specially designed turning ratios. This was done to ensure that, at the end of the day, the machine dishes out less in wins than was originally put into it and hence keeping the casinos profitable.

People want excitement. And that translates into more and more fun themed slot games. Initially changes were made to the manual machines but there is a limit to how many symbols a wheel can hold and show in one spin without having to enlarge it too much. Eventually the switch was made to video game slots.

These systems work the same way except that they employ a random code generator which determines the outcome of each try, or spin. Choose any game you like, wait for it to load and then hit/click spin. When you click spin you see the reels rolling and the symbols flashing and spinning. The visual effects are stunning. Computer animations easily replicate what you used to get from a slot machine. In fact they make it even better.

You can play themed games of different types. Top gaming companies are releasing newer and newer themes quite frequently. What’s more? You can play demo versions on different sites for free. Simply search up a slot game by its theme, follow the website and start playing.

There is an online Georgie Porgie themed slot game. Starting off you take into notice its features and offers. These are usually mentioned near the top left or right or bottom center of the game screen. This particular game features 5 reels. This means you’ll see an array of 5 rows randomizing when you hit spin. It also has 15 paylines. Paylines are the possible combinations which constitute as a win. If you manage to get a combination from any of these pre-determined 15 ones then you win a reward. Of course some paylines, the difficult ones, give more rewards and the easier ones give a considerably lesser win amount.

The symbols in the game are what the fun is all about. See if you can spot some of the symbols below:

–          A sinister looking Georgie Porgie with shifty eyes looking sideways symbol.

–          A silhouette showing the main character (Georgie Porgie) running off in the dark (probably after committing the act).

–          A girl about to eat pie. He is about to sneak up on her and kiss her. (The story of Georgie Porgie goes about how he kisses the girls and runs away)

–          A symbol showing the girl crying and sobbing, which probably happened right after he kissed her and ran

–          And when the boys come out to play then Georgie Porgie runs away. This part of the story gets a symbol as well in which two boys tower over the girl showing a protective stance. Possibly after what just happened.

Casino games offer other exciting features as well. It’s not just the exciting themes which make you want to play. You can find hundreds of different offerings for first deposit bonuses. These bonuses are offered by different companies and each state what they are offering. An example would be 250 spins along with $250 and a 100% first deposit bonus. These are given as a starting bonus to encourage players to sign up and play. You’re not paying anything; your deposit is safe and sound for later use.

Untamed Crowned Eagle Slot

Untamed Crowned Eagle Online Slot is basically the 5 reel online slot machine that has the beautiful images of the majestic bird of prey along with more than 243 ways to win the game and a lot of additional special features that includes collect a wild, lucky nudge, your gamble and the souring wild.

Images of the Untamed Crowned Eagle slot:

Like the bird, the images of the Untamed Crowned Eagle are simply amazing. There is an image of the eagle found in the glorious flight along with the other image with a close up of the head of the eagle that highlights the featured crown for giving it this name. There is also a very beautiful image of the female crowned eagle with her chicks as well and also one with the group of the hyraxes that is the favorite snack of the crowned eagle in their rocky habitat. By playing the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot, the player find themselves entering in the world of the crowned eagles that is one of the most exciting experience of the people who are used to playing the casino games online.

Wild symbols of Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot:

The logo of the Untamed Crowned Eagle slot is known as the wild symbol that can very easily substitute for the other symbols for creating a winning way and every time, the wild logo is found appearing on the reel, a little icon also appears below the reel. When the four icons are collected by the players playing the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot, the entire reel of the Untamed Crowned Eagle becomes wild for the next four spins of that player. This actually means that a lot of winning slot jackpots is coming to the way of the player.

Features of the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot:

There are so many features of playing the Untamed Crowned Eagle. The eye of the eagle is basically the scattered symbol in the game of the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot. If three eagle eyes appear anywhere on the slot machine of the game, even if they are not present on the adjacent reels, this awards a payout to the player along with the award of free 10 spins.

If the two eagle eyes appear on the slot machine, and the third one is found just a little above or below the visible symbols present on the reels. In this case, the feature of the lucky nudge very gently nudges the third eye of the eagle into the place and here the player gets the scatter win and the free spins as well. Moreover, if during the free spins of the player, the fabulous soaring wild feature sours into action. Actually it is the majestically souring crowned eagle of the game that pronounces on the random symbol for turning into a wild symbol. And it is not just an ordinary wild symbol, but considered as the wild symbol with the multiplier that can be as high as 10X.

Gambling the winnings of Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot:

After the every winning spin of the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot, the gambling features of the game allow the players to collect all or the part of their winning and then gambling the rest. The players can select the gambling odds and also the payouts in any way that suits them the best. All the features along with the amazing images of the untamed wildlife and the big payouts and the plenty of special features, these all are included in the bonuses of the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slot.

High Society Slot Machine

The High Society is basically a 25 payline online game that brings about the luxurious symbols of opulence along with the two free spins of the bonus games and a lot of real money payouts that makes this game really very interesting to play for the players.

Symbols of High Society slot machine:

There are so many symbols of the High Society slot machine online that actually embody all of those fine things that have been known as the great wealth, private planes, yachts and the gold and silver bars. They also include suitcases with a lot of cash, gold watches, rings of diamonds and some very similar symbols of success as well. Moreover, the logo of the High Society is a wild symbol that can be used also as a substitute of the other symbols for the creation of the winning paylines.

Features of High Society Online slot:

The High Society is a very enjoyable single screen slot game that has been appreciated a lot by so many casino lovers who like to play casino online. By playing this game, the player might not become an instant billionaire, but playing this came can actually provide a lot of entertainment to the players, so that the crave for playing casino can be fulfilled. This game also uses such graphics that has got a distinct three dimensional impression and also a very high quality. While playing the High Society, when the reel stops spinning and the winning combination is found appearing on them, the symbols of the High Society rise out of the screen for highlighting the win as the payoff is then counted. The payouts of the large jackpot are usually accompanied by a very exciting display of the words. Only then, the ‘Big Win’ can become ‘Super’ and then ‘Mega’ from ‘Super’ as the amount of the payout continue to rise.

How to play Free Society Online slot game:

Playing the High Society online slot is really very easy for the people who are used to playing the casino games. For playing the High Society online slot

  • A stack of 100 Euro bills is basically the scatter symbol in the high society online slot game.
  • If more than two scattered symbols appear on the reel of the slot machine, the player wins the payout, even if they are not considered the enabled payline.
  • If more than three 100 euro stacks appear on the reel, the player is awarded with the free spins of his choice with the super wild reels bonus that is also known as the super multiplier bonus.
  • With the super reel bonus, the player also gets the 10, 15 or 20 free spins, depending on the condition of the game.
  • During each of the free spins, one entire reel of the High Society is turned wild.
  • If the 100 euro stacks appear on any of the reels 1 or the reel 5, then the reel is also turned into an entire wild reel. And if it appears on both the reels 1 and 5, both the reels are turned wild and the player retrigger an additional free spins of 10.
  • Moreover, with the super multiplier bonus, the player gets 10 free spins with all of the winning payouts that are multiplied. The multiplier always start at 2x, 3x or 5x on the first free spin of the player then increased on the second, third, fourth and the fifth spin. It always remains steady at the maximum level of the multiplier value. It is as high as 10x on the last five free spins.

Modes and features of the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot

The Battlestar Galactica Video Slot is basically a kind of casino with five reel as well as more than 243 ways to win the game that brings out the very popular sci – fi series into the world of the slots that game at the Roxy Palace Casino. The amazing Battlestar Galactica Video Slot features all the mind blowing and favorite characters of the players along with the state of the art visuals as well as the sound effects. This great game has so many multi game modes along with some huge range of epic additions of the bonuses for adding to the fun as well as the winning chances.

Features of Battlestar Galactica Video Slot:

The Battlestar Galactica Video Slot is ideal for such players with some previous kind of slots experience. Some of the key features of the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot to look forward include the following:

  • The normal base game that includes the storm wild feature in the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot. This amazing feature triggers the free spins of 15 usually when 3 or more than 3 scatters appear on the reel in the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot, with the multiplier of 3X that is also up for the grabs.
  • The RUN MODE in the game of Battlestar Galactica Video Slot also introduces a great as well as brand new feature for giving additional chances to the players to win the amazing Battlestar Galactica Video Slot. By looking at the FTL symbol anywhere on the middle reel for making the Royal Symbols to jump off the screen, these all become the symbols of mystery and they are actually further added to the rewards.
  • The FIGHT MODE in the game of Battlestar Galactica Video Slot turns all of the Random symbols wild when all the cylons and the colonials appear to the battle of the reels. These Wild symbols can split into the double wild as well while 3 or more than 3 scatters give the players 5 free spins with much more to unlock.

Modes of Battlestar Galactica Video Slot:

There are three modes in the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot game that are Normal, Run and Fight. These modes can be very easily changed during the game as well. Each of these modes has different characteristics. Everything always starts from the Normal mode in the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot game where the wild symbols are stacked only on the reel 1 and then the player gets 15 free spins with the X3 multiplier when 3 or more than 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels of the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot.

When the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot moves into the Run mode randomly, all the win pay left to right and then right to left simultaneously. When any of the special FTL symbol lands on the middle reel anywhere, it causes all the Royal symbols to jump off the screen are then they are transformed into a kind of mystery symbol to award the additional wins.

And when the game in turned on the Fight mode, all the random symbols can be turned wild anytime in the game. However, these wilds can be easily split in two and create the more winning combinations as well. The Fight mode can only occur randomly during the Run mode of the Battlestar Galactica Video Slot. Here, at this level, 3 and even more than 3 scatter awards free spins of 5 as well as the additional free spins can also be awarded during this feature in the game of Battlestar Galactica Video Slot.

Break Away Slot

Another amazing addition to the Microgaming Suite of Software

The Break Away Slot is one of the best and the most recent additions to the Microgaming Software that is really very popular for the best casino portfolios as well as it continues something of the trend among the online slot developers where they look to integrate sporty themes onto their casino games. Basically, Break Away Slot is a thrilling online slot game that combines all the action as well as the excitement of the best hockey game with the modern technology consisting of a 4 reel, 243 ways online slot machine that is simply amazing for the Microgaming lovers. The result of the Break Away Slot is a thrilling hockey experience for both the hockey fans as well as the slot machine fans.

Symbols of the Break Away Slot online:

Basically, in the game of the Break Away Slot online, the symbols on this amazing game embody the sport of the ice hockey in the entire game of the Break Away Slot. In this game, there are the hockey players, goaltender, the face-off, and the referee as well. Moreover, there is the hockey rink, and all the hockey equipment: the skates, the sticks, the goalie’s mask, and even the ice-cleaning machine in the Break Away Slot online. For making this game much more entertaining for the players, there are also the rousing hockey sound effects to complete the scene of the Break Away Slot. Everything about hockey is present in the Break Away Slot online.

Ways to win in the game of Break Away Slot online:

There are 243 ways to win the Break Away Slot online as well as the chances of the consecutive wins and the rolling reels. In the online slots of the Break Away Slot, the best way to win is when the three or more of the same symbols in the game appear on the adjacent reels of the online slot machines beginning with the first reel in the Break Away Slot online. Since, there are no such paylines in the ways to win the slots neither it matters where on the reels the symbols appear or whether they form any particular pattern or not. When the player planning the Break Away Slot online counts up to all of the possibilities, it than comes to the appearance of the 243 ways to win at the Break Away Slots online.

In the Break Away Slot online, after each and every winning spin, the winning symbols come alive in the short animated videos as all the winning payouts are always deposited into the account of the player and then after the completion of their mission, they explode and disappear. Then the reels are rolled down in all of the vacated spaces where they reveal more symbols as well as more winning possibilities are created in the amazing game of the Break Away Slot online. All the rolling reels make it really very possible to rack up the entire consecutive win on a single spin in the game of Break Away Slot online without making any of the additional wagers.

Stacked wild and the Smashing wild:

The breakaway logo symbol in the Break Away Slot online is basically a wild symbol that is considered as a substitute for all the other symbols to create a winning way in this online slot game of Microgaming known as Break Away Slot. When it comes stacked in the gigantic stacks up to the 40 symbols high on the third, fourth and the fifth reels, it means that it always depend how the reel spins and where the stack ends up.

Racing for The Pink Slot

The Racing for the Pink refers to one of the best and the most exciting casino games offered by Micro Gaming software for all the casino lovers out there. The Racing for the Pink is as similar as Need for Speed. This game feature different kind of the stunning graphics and some of the amazing animations as well for the addition of the visual appeal. Basically, in the Racing for the Pink, the players need to start their motors and get ready for the race for different kind of spectacular profits. The Racing for the Pink is one kind of the action packed 5 x 3 reel game with no kind of fixed payline and there are 243 ways to win BIG in the game of Racing for the Pink. This game is simply amazing with the roaring soundtrack that helps in setting the atmosphere for the race and also helps the players to win some kind of cash prizes with their turbocharged racing cars.

How to race with the Racing Pinks:

The players can race with the Racing for the Pink with some kind of cutting edge features that makes this slot of the Micro gaming software simply mind blowing. Super charging the Racing for the Pink with the great 243 ways layout and the host of the extra features that can handle the players with the rich and faster ways than the supercars in the Racing for the Pink game and can zoom past the checkered flag as well.

Along with the wild symbol of the game of Racing for the Pink, there are countless scatters to look out for while playing the Racing for the Pink game. There are the features of the free spins girl symbol as well that always award the players with the 30 free spins as well as the whooping of the 5X multiplier through the symbol of the free spins girl if the player manages to get on the reel 1 and 5. During the free spins in the game of Racing for the Pink, the players can also grab the jackpot of the game that usually stands at the spectacular 150,000 coins.

Moreover, the bonus race scatter always trigger the Racing for the Pink most spectacular feature that is the eponymous Bonus race game where the players get to bet on the racing cars and are able to win up to fantastic 175X multiplier if they choose the racers finish first. However, the Racing for the Pink boosts a wide range of the betting options for the players that allow the new players to bet conservatively and also win with no kind of risk, while giving to the experienced slot veterans, there is always great chances of winning BIG in the Racing for the Pink game. If the players an easily handle the heat of the street racing and also feel themselves ready for the roaring casino experience, then the game of Racing for the Pink can always thrill them with nonstop action as well as with the incredible cash prizes.

Racing for the Pink is actually best for the people who are into car racing as it got some additional features of free payouts as well as instant BIG cashes and so much more. This online game of Micro gaming software is simply amazing because it has the audio sounds of racing cars as well as the winning of the instant cash prizes and so much more that makes the Racing for the Pink really very exciting for the people used to the Micro gaming software as there are a lot of advantages of the Racing for the Pink.